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The Internet - Crapshoot or Cashcow?

I don't know about you but I am more than sick and tired of all the hyper-cyber shams, scams and flim-flams circulating at the speed of light on the Internet. Where everyone is an expert and there's more products available than people who actually are making a living on the World Wide Web.

Enough I say!! When you can count the number of people who ARE actually making a decent living in cyber-space and only need a few extra hands to do it, well, it's really time to sit back and STOP getting sucked into all the get-rich-click crap and START learning from those who can really teach us.

And it is THESE pioneers of the Net that you HAVE to listen to WHEN they are ready to speak. But not many have been willing to share their secrets of success with us for fear of creating their own competition.

However, there is one Internet Marketing Expert who is just beginning to share the secrets that have made him a cyber-household name. In reality, he is a rather late bloomer in terms of Internet Years, but with his amazing method of exposure he has caught up with, and surpassed, many of the existing "gurus" in less than 2 years.

His name is Rick Beneteau and no doubt you've read his articles in countless large ezines and newsletters around the Net as well as in print. Rick, upon his first few logons to the Internet, saw a great need for making cyber-space more "human", and made his feelings known via a business article he wrote. Well, those initial feelings were broadcast far and wide in "The Unwritten Law of You" and he hasn't looked back since.

Now, featured in hundreds of Internet publications including PayDay, Internet Day, The Virtual Promote Gazette, A.I.M., DEMC etc., Rick gets millions of impressions a month to fuel his own ezine, The Mirror, and his affiliate programs, The I.D. IT! Plates Partner Program and EZineMoney.

Rick has now made available the exact method he used to start his thriving Internet business. He shares with you how to dramatically raise your Internet Profile and launch yourself from Obscurity to Omnipresence. But more than that, you learn the ONLY Method he used to build his business, his reputation and get millions of impressions per month. Did I leave out Sales?

Now, do you want to hear what the top Internet Marketers have said about their competitors new e-book?

"Rick Beneteau is a total genius when it comes to promoting through ezines. The first time I used Rick's method, my traffic counter on my site practically broke! I've told Rick he should sell his secrets for 10 times what he is now. I'd personally have paid $1000 and been happy. Remember, it isn't quantity of information. It's results."
Marlon Sanders
Author: The Amazing Formula that Sells Products Like Crazy

"Rick, I just read your course on Newsletter Marketing and I'm stunned! You're one of the
few I've met that really understand the potential of this technique. I really hope none of my competitors learn your secret! How much can I pay you to take this off the market? :-)"
Mark Joyner
CEO, Aesop Marketing Corporation

"I've been marketing online for several years now, and I've tried just about everything—and the bottom line is that EMM is right on the money. We have had incredible success using the exact tactics that you so eloquently describe in EMM—I just wish I had found EMM years ago because it would have saved us a whole lot of time and needless frustration. Anyone can generate thousands of dollars worth of free advertising by following your step-by-step guide. Keep up the great work, and be sure to let me know of any other products you're working on. If they are anything like EMM, count me in!"
Jess O'Leary
Founder: Linkomatic
Founder: Internet Marketing Chronicles/Internet Marketing Challenge

"Awesome! Rick's EMM is superb advice... And an easy read! As an author and editor of three e-zines (one with over 60,000 subscribers), I can not only attest to the fact that his no-nonsense approach is true let alone essential, but it can also help almost anyone with a keyboard-in-hand a genuine desire to succeed to really make it on the Internet. I highly, highly recommend it!

Rick teaches what I've learned the hard way. Today, as an author and entrepreneur, I personally enjoy the success Rick professes. But what took me 6 long years to learn, EMM encapsulates it in less than an hour! I wish I knew this stuff back then... Bravo!"
Michel Fortin, Ph.D.

The second-best part? You LEARN all this with his Powerful New eBook, The Ezine Marketing Machine for ONLY $29.95, and then you EARN whopping 50% 2-Tier Commissions referring it to others!! And Rick provides you with ALL the FREE RESOURCES YOU NEED TO SELL.

The very-best part? When you purchase The Ezine Marketing Machine you will of course learn ONE GREAT SECRET to getting those Millions of Impressions that WILL LEAD TO INTERNET SALES.

Enough said. You now need to check out the website that could certainly launch you from Obscurity to Omnipresence. But even more important, make you a more than decent living from the Internet. Avoid the Crapshoot - The Internet can indeed be a Cashcow.

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